I love this too much not to post it

Dude when he runs into the wall and it says wrong I just



420 is so close I can almost taste all the bad jokes I’ll have to weed through

I knew weed come back to this


so tomorrow at work we’re doing a hawaiian themed kind of thing for some reason and my manager asked if i would come in to help sample things with james who will be outside in the donut suit

she literally asked me to hang out with a friend of mine while i give free drinks to people and play my ukulele

i am getting paid to do this. with money. i’m so hype

ashley i swear to GOD for the last fucking time your’re shitposts belong in the goddamn shitoilet with your other shitposts that belong in the toilet. put your

anon i know you are curious about things but please can we not ask me the questions you are asking me right now

honestly i would be more comfortable answering you directly than posting my answers here

Anonymous asked:

oh dear i don’t like where this is going

Anonymous asked:
Are you single?



redeemed riven as requested by a friendd



look it’s the new roster

liking the look of that new stage select menu


speedies done Live at NAD school for my students in Environment Design

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